Our story

DELTA Concrete Consult is an independent engineering and consultancy company, founded in 2015 and located in Vianen.

DELTA Concrete Consult, or DCC in short, provides consultancy services in the field of material technology for concrete and cementitious composites. It entails high-end materials science and materials technology, providing services to a variety of clients in the construction industry.

We like to see ourselves as creative technical consultants. As material specialists, we are used to being a dialogue partner between specialists in the design and execution phase. For example, when customers have problems with unforeseen materials behavior, we can help identify these problems and offer a range of practical solutions.

DCC is a young company and affiliated to the Nebest Adviesgroep. This connection allows us quick access to other specialties within the group.

We maintain a close relationship with and actively support many professional platforms and committees, both nationally (including StuTech, StuFIB and StuBeCo) and internationally (Swiss FIB, Anglo-Saxon ICT, American ACI, the European EFC and the international RILEM). Through these platforms we have insight into the most recent developments and access to a great deal of knowledge of many applications of concrete and cementitious composites. At your request, we can assist you in any area covered by aforementioned associations and institutes.

We use a professional code of conduct and confidential treatment of any information relating to your assignments will of course never be shared with third parties.

Our mission

Our strength is most efficiently utilised when we are involved in the earliest possible stage of the building-process permitting us to offer our clients technically creative, sustainable and affordable solutions.
It is our ultimate goal to supply our customers with a tailered balance between fitness-for-purpose and cost for every solution we propose.