Jos Kronemeijer          BBA; BSc.; MICT

Managing director / Sr. Materials Engineer: making the connection between properties and the desired applications.

Senior materials engineer, specialist in cementitious composites and with more than 25 years of experience in the field of Advanced Concrete Technology. Very experienced in providing input parameters for related fields of technical expertise, ranging from design (structural engineers), production (RMC and precast manufacturers), implementation (building technology experts) to maintenance (asset managers) and recycling (demolition).

Proud to combine these fields of expertise in as many ways as possible. Offer solutions by rethinking proportions, components, or - if really necessary - priorities with adjacent and connecting fields of expertise. Always looking for material properties that meet the requirements. As DCC founder and co-owner attributed to the phrase, "If it were edible I would have it for breakfast."

Kamel Arbi                  PhD. Chem. Mat.Sciences;  MSc. Chem. & Applied Physics

Materials scientist / Binder chemist: making the connection between available materials and their required properties.

Senior materials chemist, specialist in cementitious composites and with more than 15 years of experience in academic research into the chemistry of materials, in particular binders. Highly qualified in the design of properties, and the guarantee of chemical and physical compatibility of the components when it comes to tailored application.

Specialized in improving sustainable, economical and robust cementitious composites. This is achieved by setting up test programs aimed at meeting all performance requirements. Mr. Arbi is also a member of several RILEM committees and has demonstrable insight into "blended cements", alkali-activated materials and geopolymer concrete.

Mathijs de Vaan        BSc.Eng

Specialist materials technology: making the connection between the available raw materials and the desired concrete properties and real-life behaviour in the field.

Material engineer, specialist in the design of cement-based concrete compositions. This ranges from organizing laboratory research, setting up and supervising mockups and subsequently scaling up to production for both RMC and precast concrete and analyzing and interpreting all data that comes available in the process. Also evaluating existing processes, drafting damage assessments programs and suggesting optimizations.

In addition, experience in transferring all this knowledge through trainings, education and workshops.